friend keeps posting weird messages for me on facebook, not sure what to do

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    Your friend might be used to talking to everyone like that and might not mean to be mean, like he might be trying to act cool.

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    That’s not cool that hes slagging you over the girl, maybe he is jealous or maybe he likes her too??? If he doesn’t stop delete him or if he keeps messaging you.

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    You said that he starts off the conversations nicely but then starts using aggressive and hurtful language which hurts your feelings. I think that you have two viable options to prevent this behaviour reoccurring regularly, you can either confront the person and tell him how you feel or just to stop chatting on Facebook if you have nothing to say. The second option is just to de-friend him on Facebook and ignore his messages. Usually, this sort of behaviour occurs when the person doesn’t realise he is hurting your feelings, so it might be worth just to make sure he realises that.

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    I would tell him to stop,he might be just havin a laugh but hes goin too far so u need to tell him. Does he talk like that to everyone?? If he doesn’t stop, defriend him.

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    I would defriend him. You don’t need friends like that. No point sayin anything to him he obviously has problems. If he says anything to you in person just tell him to get lost.

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    I think you should save the messages and block him make sure you tell someone

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    Basically there’s this friend of mine who’s always on Facebook and always messages me when I go online. He’s really nice at first but then he starts making really hurtful jokes after a few minutes. He’s called me a “loser”, “head”, and “gay” a lot, and when he found out I liked this girl in my cl he said “you’ll nvr hav a chance with her u ugly pervy er”. He means it as a joke but it still hurts my feelings. Even when I don’t message him back he’ll still message me saying “u there u er?”. He’s getting more hurtful and I don’t know what to do.

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    Just close them access, why tolerate it? I once did the same. However, some were able to obholit my defense, using proxy, but not all know about this.

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