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    Hi All,

    I hope everyone is well and doesn’t mind me posting this on here.

    My name is Stephen Smith, a researcher currently working with a Maynooth-based research and training company called ICEP Europe.

    I write today seeking your assistance with the Irish data collection phase of our European Justice Programme funded Systematic Approaches For Equality of gendeR (SAFER) project, within which ICEP Europe is the Irish partner.

    The SAFER project, which is being conducted across 6 European countries (Ireland, UK, Cyprus, Greece, Italy & Lithuania) aims to:
    • Promote positive attitudes towards gender equality
    • Equip students with the skills required to form healthy, respectful relationships
    • Prevent gender-based discrimination and violence

    The objectives of SAFER align with those of the SPHE curriculum, as well as the guidelines for wellbeing within Irish primary schools. The project will incorporate social and emotional skills training, positive psychology and character education in an innovative suite of freely available, online training materials designed to educate teachers and pupils on gender equality, and raise awareness around gender-based discrimination and violence.

    As part of the research phase of the project, ICEP Europe is endeavouring to garner responses from 50 Irish primary school teachers to an online questionnaire attached below, which pertains to teacher’s attitudes towards gender equality and gender based violence:

    Given the timely and pertinent nature of the research at both a national & European context, we were hoping that many of you may be able to assist our research team in generating the requisite number of responses. Any assistance you could offer in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks for your time and consideration in reading this post, and should you be interested in participating in the the SAFER project research, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at the following email address ( and I will happily provide you with a link to our online questionnaire.

    Wishing each of you a pleasant day!

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