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    I think it is really important that when you become aware of bullying or a incident in your class that you don’t make any assumptions about what has happened until you know everything possible.

    I experienced how my own assumptions can effect how I handle a situation. It was during class time during my teaching in a co-ed school last year. I noticed John (pseudonym) and Mary (pseudonym) passing notes in class . I confiscated the note in class. As I read the note ,there was very harsh name calling written on the note, with no name. It had appeared that it was the John who had passed this note to Mary. (regrettably my own wrong judgement).Thus, I asked to speak to John after class. It was then it became apparent when John became very upset and distressed that it was in fact Mary along with a group of girls that sent him the note in class, calling him mean names. John continued to tell me that this was not the first time this has happened, that calling him names and sending him messages on social media was a regular occurrence.
    I investigated the incident interviewing everyone and I sanctioned the girls in my class for their behaviour and contacted parents to make sure it didn’t happen again. Thankfully the school term ended this year with no further incidents. It is important to learn from these situations to make sure that it doesn’t effect our investigations.

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