my mate keeps flicking the back of my head during lunch, don’t want to cause a fuss but really want him to stop

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    for the past two weeks this mate in my cl has been flicking the back of my head during lunch. it doesn’t hurt very much but he does it all the time and it’s really annoying. I have to spend my whole lunch trying to “block” him by hitting his hand away, but since he sits right behind me and is really fast I never do. when I try to and miss he laughs at me. I’m tired of spending my lunch afraid of when he’ll touch me next. I don’t want to cause a fuss. what would you do?

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    A boy in my cl used to sit behind me and kick my seat all the time thro cl, he knew it drove me crazy but thought that was funny. One day I said his name out really loud in the middle of cl so the teacher would hear and told him to stop kicking my chair, it worked the teacher moved him over to a seat on his own I think you should rat him out!!!!! It worked for me lol

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    You should wait for him to sit down first and then sit away from him. Don’t sit anywhere near him or move seats if he goes to sit down beside you. Even though its annoying you, don’t let him see that, act like it doesn’t bother you- like don’t react in a way like you want him to stop.

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    I think that the best thing to do is just to tell him how annoying you are finding it. If you make it clear to him that there will be consequences if he continues then he will stop. My guess would be that he is only doing it because he knows that it winds you up. the consequences that you threaten him with could be that you inform your teacher to look out for it happening, or if oyu dont want ot get teachers involved then you could just threaten to get him back harder for each time he does it. otherwise, you could make sure that your friends are around when he does it so that he will feel less obliged to do it.

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    I would have a word with him, and tell him to cut it out. Then if he doesn’t stop, do something kinda low grade annoying to him, like repeat everything he says, and if he gets p.o’ed then say ‘exactly, annoying and childish isn’t it? maybe you get it now’.

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