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    A 2nd year student has told me that she is being bullied but the girl she said is bullying her has special educational needs. So I am not sure how to deal with this. Any ideas?

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    Hi Ollamhnua,

    Bullying must contain three key criteria; intention, repetition and a imbalance of power. The pupil who has special educational needs may not understand that they are upsetting the other pupil and we would not characterize this as bullying. As such this wouldn’t be considered as intentional. However we can’t allow the victim to believe that nothing will be done to change this other child’s actions. It is still not acceptable, the child with SEN needs to know her behaviour is not ok and to aid her in changing this. At the same time speak with the other pupil and talk to her about the incident and explain the situation and that the child with SEN did not mean to do it and aid her in being resilient towards the behaviours of the child with SEN.

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