About Tackle Bullying

Tackle Bullying is a national website to counter bullying and cyberbullying for young people, parents and teachers. We are funded by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) under the 2013 Action Plan in Bullying (2013) and our site provides a single point of contact for those who are affected or concerned about Bullying and Cyberbullying-related incidents. 

What Can I Find on the Website?

tacklebullying.ie contains a number of different pages of information for young people, parents and teachers to learn more about bullying and cyberbullying: what they are; the different types of both; and how to effectively prevent and counter bullying.

Parents, teachers and young people can also use the “Get Help” and Resources page to get useful information to help and learn more about tackling Bullying. You can also contact the creators; The National Anti-Bullying Centre at Dublin City University for more information and support on bullying.

Who Is The Website For?

tacklebullying.ie is a national website to prevent, intervene and resolve bullying for everyone. If you have been affected by bullying and you are not sure what to do, our website can help you to find out.

It does not matter if it is you who has been bullied; or if you have seen someone else being picked on – you can log on, learn more, get advice on how to deal with bullying.

What’s in the Resources Section?

The Resources section contains some useful information for parents, teachers and young people on what to do if they are being bullied; or if you know that someone else is being bullied and some tips on staying safe online. This section also contains lots of information on bullying, such as research reports, newspaper articles and up-to-date information on the subject, which might be useful for school projects.