What is Tozi?

Tozi is a new app, created by the Vodafone Foundation in partnership with DCU Anti-Bullying Centre and Childline by ISPCC. Tozi was designed to empower young people and their communities to navigate the online world in a safe and positive way.

How might Tozi be used?

Tozi has a Cosmos section to explore articles and real life stories, young people can browse amongst the stars, read stories, watch videos and listen to audio pieces to help them and their friends navigate the online world in a more positive way. Dealing with drama, staying zen online, and tackling bullying are just some of the themes covered.

There is a MySpace section, a private place, where young people can check in and write down their thoughts. Here they can journal how they’ve been feeling that day, and write about what they are grateful for. There is also a fun range of quizzes, tips and facts to test their knowledge, enhance their online experience, and empower them with digital literacy skills.

There is a direct link to Childline in the app. This link allows the user to talk via live chat and or call Childline services at any time 24/7.

How can Tozi help young people to stay safe online?

Tozi aims to equip young people with research-backed content to help them on their digital journey. It offers the resources and tools they need to build more positive digital spaces for themselves and their peers.

The app aims to educate and support young people to have a more positive online experience. This is delivered through Tozi’s engaging content and features.

Tozi includes access to Live Help through Childline should they experience bullying or witness something that upsets them while online.

What personal data does the Tozi App process?

The Tozi app only processes data that is absolutely needed to provide the user with features and functionalities included in the app.

The user can also update their profile at any time via the settings in the app. For My Space section, the Tozi app will allow all the data entered, including text and recordings (like feelings or journal entries) to be saved on the phone. While the app provides the functionality for this to happen, Tozi does not have access to the users entries, and Tozi does not share data with anyone else.

Check out the privacy notice to see more detail.

Is Tozi free or do you have to pay for it?

Tozi is available 24 hours a day and is free to download on iOS and Android in Ireland.

Download Tozi on IOS here

Download Tozi on Android here