How to tell someone you trust?

by Darran Heaney

Sometimes we may feel like it’s not a good time to talk to a trusted adult, but anytime and everytime is a good time to talk. Know that you can always speak up, no matter how, when and where. If you find yourself in a situation where a trusted adult is preoccupied or busy, here are some steps you can take to help you talk to an adult.

Some suggestions of people to talk to are:

Think about what you will say before you talk to someone about a cyberbullying situation

If you relate to these here are some ways you can express how you feel: 

I’m not sleeping great and there’s something I’d really like to tell you …..

It has taken great courage for me to come and open up to you and I am afraid of how you will react, but I’m really hoping that you will help me.

I know understanding technology can be hard for you sometimes, but if I open up and tell you what’s bothering me, Can you take a moment to listen to me?

In a group chat online someone said ….. and it has just got worse over the last week, I think ….. is a victim of bullying/cyberbullying, would you be able to help me please?

You also might want to talk to your friends first, But if your friends are unable to help, a trusted adult, teacher or parent is great.

Take care of yourself and others

It takes great courage to tell someone about a situation that is happening to you or someone you know. Helping one person may not change the world, but it will change the world for just one person.

Finally – Well done for actually telling. Bullying doesn’t stop until something is done about it.