“It’s Our Social Media” Campaign

by Emma Bell

BeLonG To Youth Services launched a campaign earlier this month to call on the government to amend the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill to include an individual complaints mechanism. This would see a proper process being put in place when bringing a complaint against social media platforms about harmful content online. This individual complaints mechanism would come into play if a person has exhausted all other appropriate channels with the social media platform they are bringing the complaint against. Additionally, the Children’s Rights Alliance are calling for an online safety commissioner to be established who would be granted statutory powers to sanction the tech companies who fail to protect children and young people online. The online safety commissioner would also be given the power to evaluate and regulate educational and community centred awareness programmes on online safety.

BeLonG To’s social media campaign uses hashtags to communicate their message that social media is powered by us and we need to play a part in making it a better place for everyone. The hashtags are: #ITSOURSOCIALMEDIA #FEEDTHEGOOD #BLOCKTHEBAD.

BeLonG To is an LGBTQ+ youth organisation which supports young people through youth work, changing attitudes and research. Their core values are based around promoting human rights, social justice, solidarity, intersectionality and youth participation. Visit the “It’s our Social Media” online hub to read more about the campaign.