Recipe for a Super Strong Password

by Darran Heaney

Are you still using your favourite superhero or pop star as your password? You may want to rethink that! Follow the step-by-step recipe below to cook up an unbreakable password!

  1. Include at least one number – 240
  2. Then add at least one symbol – 240!!
  3. Pepper in at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter – UnderTale240!!
  4. Make sure your password is at least seven characters – UnderTale240!!
  5. Your password should be easy to remember – UnderTale240!! (too many variations are hard to remember, keep it relatively simple)
  6. Avoid using a single common word or personal info (birthday, parent’s name etc.). Use instead four or more unrelated words – CatBigHandUndertale240!!
  7. Use different passwords for every account you have and don’t share with people you don’t trust – use one password for Facebook and another for TikTok and so on. That way, if one gets discovered, another social account is still protected.
  8. Finally! Keep your recipe secret. Do not write down your passwords – keep them stored in your brain.

It is also important to change your passwords semi-regularly. It may be a little bit harder to remember but you’ll never forget what it’s like if someone steals your password!