Training and Courses

national anti bullying research and resource centre

School Bullying and Intervention Training

ABC evaluates your school climate and delivers training on bullying, cyberbullying and related topics. These are adaptable, can be tailor made, can last from 30 minutes to a whole day seminar and can include parents, pupils, boards of management and teachers. We can also review and assist schools with writing and revising anti-bullying policies. Further details: Geraldine Kiernan Tel: 01 884 2012. Email: [email protected] Website:

FUSE is an anti-bullying and online safety programme developed by the Anti-bullying Research and Resource Centre in DCU supported by Facebook. FUSE is grounded in Irish and international best practice research, consisting of a series of workshops and projects aimed at 2nd Year Students in junior cycle, their parents and school staff in post-primary schools across Ireland. Always at the centre of this programme are young people. FUSE aims to support and empower them to find solutions and initiatives themselves, to tackle bullying and online safety. Further details: FUSE Website: FUSE Team Email: [email protected]

Let’s Stop Bullying! Disablist Bullying Course

Disablist bullying (bullying because of a disability) is a growing problem, and its effects are damaging people’s life chances of ever living an ordinary life. The course is aimed at persons with an intellectual disability coupled with a family member or direct support worker that has in interest in learning about bullying and how to stop it from happening. The overall aim of this course is to empower participants to take a leading role in interrupting the cycle of bullying for all those that have an intellectual disability. By the end of this course each learning couple will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to influence change around the issue of bullying with their peers and fellow workers. Further details: Website: Contact: Lian McGuire: 01 884 2265. Download the course flier here.

ABC is a national research and resource facility dedicated to the study of bullying behaviour in schools and workplaces and to the development of resources and training to support schools, teachers and parents to prevent and intervene in bullying situations. Researchers at ABC were the first in Ireland to undertake research on school bullying, workplace bullying, homophobic bullying and cyberbullying. ABC leads the field of research, resource development and training in bullying in Ireland and is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in bullying research.

Webwise training courses

Safer Internet Day Ambassador Programme

An important aspect of anti-bullying prevention and internet safety in schools is the active involvement of students in building a positive school climate. As a part of their Safer Internet Day campaign, Webwise is reaching out to post-primary students and encouraging and supporting them to address the issue of cyberbullying and internet safety by leading awareness-raising campaigns in their clubs, schools, and communities.

Safer Internet Day Ambassadors are teenagers who want to do something about cyberbullying or another internet safety issue. They don’t need any special expertise or experience, just a commitment to do something positive. Webwise would love to hear from teenagers who have previous experience of leading internet safety/cyber-bullying or other positive campaigns in your schools/community or youth group. Further details can be found about this training can be found here. Additionally, Webwise have a wealth of innovative resources which have been approved by the inspectorate.