‘Stop Sextortion Hub’ by Thorn and Meta

by Emma Bell

A new ‘Stop Sextortion Hub’ has been developed by Thorn and adapted by Meta to provide a recourse to anyone who is seeking information and support relating to Sextortion.

Thorn is an American organisation that builds technology tools to help fight child sexual abuse on a global scale. Their website provides extensive information on child sexual abuse and the role that technology plays in this issue. You can find information on the latest research, prevention advice and guidelines for parents on the blog section of their website.

Sextortion is the threat to expose intimate images of someone in order to force them to do something. This threat can come from a stranger or from an intimate partner. Victims are more likely to look for help and support from people close to them rather than report it to a website or to the police. This is why the ‘Stop Sextortion Hub’ was created, in order to help increase awareness about sextortion, destigmatize the issue and encourage people to reach out if they experience sextortion.

The Stop Sextortion Hub includes advice for teens, caregivers and educators on topics such as; disclosure, reporting sextortion, starting conversations with children, learning tools and supporting resources in different countries.

There is a useful resources page on the Meta website which lists organisations and helplines from all over the world. You can also find a full list of services in Ireland on the tacklebullying.ie website in the ‘Additional Support’ section.