Stay Safe Online… At Home!

How can i stay safe online… at home?

If you are reading this, chances are you are reading this at home: not at school. As you know by now, the government have asked us to stay at home so we can reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). Although this might have its benefits: we can play more videogames, watch more Netflix, spend time with our family, and work on our hobbies. But more than ever, we are spending a lot more time online.

But it can also be an anxious or worrying time for us all too. The news constantly tells us about all of the upsetting stories, we are worried about our loved ones who we can’t visit, we keep having the same conversations about washing our hands right, and it is hard to keep our physical distance from others we would normally be close to. Although these are very necessary precautions; all of it together can have a negative impact on our mental health.

So it is important that we keep looking after our mental health during this time. In doing so, we must also be safe online and report any cyberbullying that comes our way. Just because schools are closed for now, it does not mean bullying stops for now. Taking a TackleBullying approach to COVID-19, you can:

  • Practice Healthy Internet Use,
  • Be Cybersafe and get familiar with the online safety features of popular Apps on our “App Watch”,
  • Tackle Cyberbullying.

Click on the links below and stay (cyber)safe while staying at home.

covid-19 information awareness

Staying safe and healthy during this anxious time should be everybody’s main goal. But how we stay safe and healthy really depends on how well we pay attention to the official information about COVID-19.

You may be hearing different opinions about how we should practice proper hygiene, how coronavirus should be treated, or what products should be used to clean surfaces. The wrong advice can be fatal. It can lead to unsanitary conditions, poor hygiene, spreading the virus around, or be the reason why you end up catching the virus. This is why we must follow official guidelines and advice from the HSE and the government.

Below are some examples of official health advice from the HSE that we should be following. Note that this information refers to the HSE Website, and is branded in a clear, readable and sensible format that you have seen in several places before:

Note how these posters and information sheets display the HSE and Government of Ireland logos at the bottom. Also note that official sources are not coming from WhatsApp groups or from individuals on Facebook. Official information will be presented from the HSE and the Government of Ireland.

Finally, wishes all of you the best of health and happiness during this time. And that you Stay Safe Online… At Home!